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Strong, Durable Cabinet Doors

The 5-piece custom cabinet doors manufactured here at Cal Woodworks Services Inc. are the best products available. We create our cabinet doors using only the finest materials from industry-leading manufacturers.

Is it time to resurface the cabinets and bring a new look to your kitchen, bathrooms, or office spaces? Choose us for beautiful doors that have been finished to the finest detail and will be visually impressive for years to come. Call 916-469-0880 and place your order today.

three different cabinet door options

Why Choose Our Cabinet Doors?

Cal Woodworks Services Inc. doors are built to give your living and office spaces an added visual touch along with a few other key advantages like antimicrobial crown molding. Here are just a few of the other factors that make our cabinet doors the industry’s best. Our doors are:

  • Heat Resistant
  • Fade and Scratch Resistant
  • Antimicrobial
  • Resistant to Delamination
  • Emission Free
  • Made to Match TFM & HPL Programs

The Strongest Cabinet Doors

The current cabinets in your home or office space may be coming apart at the hinges or warping so that they no longer close properly. That won’t be a problem anymore with cabinet doors made by Cal Woodworks Services Inc.. Our NEXGEN cabinet doors are built with special joints for increased strength and durability. That means that even with regular use, your new doors will withstand routine opening and closing and maintain their appearance and functionality long-term.

Plenty of Colors and Finishes Available

No matter the style or aesthetic of your home or business, we can supply doors to match and maintain the uniform look of your spaces. We have more than 200 colors and finish options available. What that means for you is that you can get brand new cabinet doors without changing the look and feel that you already have in place.

About the Hinging

We offer hinge drilling in the Blum/Salice pattern. The diameter of the hinge cup is 35mm and the tab distance is 5mm.

Please note that the tab distance for face frame hinges is only 3mm. Let us know if you are using a face frame!

Cabinet Doors Built With Quality and Style

No competing cabinet door is built with the same level of quality and commitment to long-term excellence and functionality and none will look better over your current cabinets. Call 916-469-0880 to place an order.

Contact Us Today to Order Your Cabinets!