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NEXGEN™ Door Mouldings in Various Styles

Cal Woodworks Services Inc. offers profile-wrapped door mouldings by NEXGEN™. These mouldings are perfect for cabinet doors in your kitchen, bathrooms, office spaces, closets, and elsewhere. There are a number of design and style options to match your preferences, so just call us today at 916-469-0880 and tell us what you need. We look forward to providing you with a high-quality finished product.

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Accessory Mouldings

We have accessory mouldings available in 15 stock profile styles that allow us to match over 200 colors. These mouldings easily complete our 5-piece doors and they boast amazing properties that make them the best accessory mouldings on the market. Offering high heat, scratch, and fade resistance, our mouldings are of incomparable quality. They also feature powerful antimicrobial properties that make them perfect for use in hospitals.

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Veneer Wrapped Mouldings Available

We offer a full line of both traditional and contemporary accessory mouldings in crown, light, and accent varieties. These are available in paintable white as well as Maple and Red Oak veneers. We also have some raw MDF stock profiles on hand for processing into small quantities of veneer wrapped and custom paper forms.

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Get Custom Mouldings

We have over 600 custom profile heads in stock, so we are ready to meet your custom cabinet door needs with ease.
To order your accessory mouldings, give us a call at 916-469-0880.

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Contact Us Today to Order Your Cabinets!