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Choose NEXGEN™

We work directly with an international supplier – Olon Industries, Inc.- Radford Cabinets, Inc. They are the only western U.S.-based cabinet manufacturer to offer the new NEXGEN™ products. NEXGEN™ products consist of Thermally Fused laminate (TFL) in various profiles, textures, and colors offering a wider variety of options and unique characteristics that you won’t find in solid wood products.

With over 200 stock color and finish options, NEXGEN™ laminates are produced with built-in antimicrobial protection to help protect against bacteria. The multiple colors and finishes make it nearly impossible to differentiate from real wood with perpendicular grain directions. Additionally, NEXGEN™ products may have zero formaldehyde emissions on assembled doors. No staining or finishing is required in the manufacturing process.

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Why Use This Product?

More benefits of this product also include complete consistency in color with high heat and scratch resistance when compared to its competing products such as Thermofoil (RTF). Since NEXGEN™ products are made from premium grade MDF, all products are stable and warp-free-perfect for customers concerned about the longevity of their cabinets due to extreme heat and/or moisture exposure.

Since all products are man-made to last and match, having to replace or add cabinetry to an existing NEXGEN™ project guarantees a complete match, even after years of wear and tear.

All doors produced by Radford cabinets, Inc. using the NEXGEN™ product are made as 5 piece mitered doors connected with a mortise and tenon joint making these among the strongest and most durable products on the market today. NEXGEN™ is also able to offer matching accessory molding such as crown and scribe which are guaranteed to give your home a uniform and clean look.

Benefits of the NEXGEN™ Product Line

  • No additional finishing.
  • No conflict with California and EPA finishing restrictions.
  • Unlike stained and finished wood doors, NEXGEN™ will not degrade or deteriorate in a few years.
  • Unlike RTF doors, NEXGEN™ laminates have no “thin” or stretched areas (susceptible to tears and moisture penetration) allowing for consistent performance.
  • NEXGEN™ doors are not subject to failure due to heat or glue deterioration.
  • NEXGEN™ is a trademark of Olon Industries.

Notable Features

  • Olon 5-piece door components in NEXGEN™ laminates offer a permanent antimicrobial surface with higher heat, scratch, and stain resistance versus RTF (vinyl) and solid wood doors.
  • There is no staining or finishing required, therefore saving time, labor, and equipment costs. (Glazing or highlighting can be added.)
  • Our tight manufacturing tolerances allow you to produce beautiful miters.
  • We use only premium MDF for a better quality product. While solid wood profiles tend to warp and twist, MDF profiles remain straight. (MDF FSC, NAUF, Fire Rated or Water resistant cores also available.)
  • Zero formaldehyde emission may be achieved with assembled doors.
  • KCMA certified. A lower capital investment is required to set up a manufacturing facility in comparison to other types of door production.
  • Wrapped profiles are also available in vinyl, foil paper, polypropylene, 60-gram paper and many veneers.

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